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  • VeryUnknownFan

    Well, I contacted Derpy about potentially quitting, but he told me that he has decided to cancel the Roleplay. Since it was not announced yet, I wanted to do it. Well, certain RPers have not shown up, people have not known the time when the roleplay would take place, there was the issue with the Chat's, and overall, it failed. If you have more questions, ask Derpy about the cancellation. 

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  • VeryUnknownFan

    Well, since Week 1 ended with Duncan and Staci going home in the double elimination, and the fact that the competition is already on a roll, I have decided to create a predictions blog after every week.

    2 HOHs: Sky, Brick, or Lightning will win the 2 HOH results. I have a feeling that it will be a physical competition, since they are fighting for 2 HOH spots. 

    BOTB results: I have a feeling that if any of those 4 are HOHs, that they are going to put the threats up for the block. I can see Cameron, Leonard, Trent, and Ella being the initial 4. Leonard and Harold because they were the last HOHs, and Trent and Ella because they are very nice and can have a great social game to avoid getting eviction votes.

    POV results: I can definitely see a geeā€¦

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